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NAWIC Education Foundation

Strategic Plan 2012 - 2013

Core Purpose
NEF provides educational opportunities and programs to benefit and promote the construction industry.

"Educating the construction industry today.......and tomorrow"

Core Values
The Board adopts these Core Values as aspirational yet integral to fulfilling the Core Purpose.

Quality Delivering innovative education programs exceeding the expectations of the construction community.

Value Investing in the growth of the construction industry through education.

Integrity Setting the standard without compromise.

This Strategic Plan is an envisioned future of this organization out three to five years.  Four goals are listed, including some strategies to assist in achieving these goals.
Target Date

Goal 1: NEF will Review all educational programs Convention 2014

  • Adult Programs
    • Review and Revise SOP (03.01.13)
    • Draft separate RFP for each course (03.31.13)
    • Identify potential vendors for revisions (03.30.13)
    • Review proposals and present findings to Executive Committee (06.01.13)
  • K-12 Programs
    • Identify reviewers (03.31.13)
    • Complete revisions and present to Executive Committee (08.15.13)
    • Develop follow-up procedure

Goal 2: NEF will create targeted marketing database(s) Convention 2014

  • Develop target market audience
  • Hire personnel
  • Ascertain valid contacts (targeted audience outside of NAWIC) (Trade Association - construction attorneys - CPA's - training sites)
  • Ads in regional construction periodicals
  • Booths at trade shows
  • Online (virtual) trade shows
  • Participate in groups such as LinkedIn
  • Utilize Ambassador Program to obtain valid contacts
  • NAWIC Image article - ask for help to market programs

Goal 3: NEF will develop and implement one youth program Convention 2014
and one adult program

  • Michigan Initiative
  • Outline of Contracts Administration (2.28.14) adult program
  • K-12 - Possible partnership with outside resources

Goal 4: NEF will identify and pursue non-program funding sources Convention 2015
  • Establish an initial monetary goal (to fulfill funding gap)
  • Identify and prioritize sources
  • Pursue opportunities
  • Deposit funds then
  • Repeat from the top

The sources include:

  • Traditional grants
  • Education-oriented trade shows (mentioned IIDEC & NIDC)
  • Partnering with those organizations
  • Vendor opportunities (such as CAD vendors)
  • Federal and State funding
  • Additional partnering with members (like Region 12 where raised funds are matched)

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